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Why Join this BIPOC Community?

According to Resmaa Menakem, and many neurological experts, human expansion only happens by way of practice and repitition. How to best nurture a persons individual practice is within community gatherings with like minded folx, practicing the same things.

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Self paced learning (accumulitating, or collecting) skills so success possible  

Real 1-1 support from a BIPOC Mentor  

Man Against the Wall

Network access to engage with likeminded folx about the practice of Wellbeing

Real care for your mental health by and for BIPOC Community

Discover The Power of Group Engagement

We move at the speed of trust. We start in small pods centered in affinity to grow confident self-expression about personal preferences then we move into larger groups to explore and debate ways of being and connecting. 

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Affinity groups center around common objectives and build self-confidence, trust in the group engagement process, and expressive skills that help folx feel prepared to join larger groups that expand perspectives and deepen our intergenerational connection.

We begin with somatic understanding to better trust our bodies, to better process our feelings, and to shape our motivation to practice self-compassion. We celebrate BIPOC investments in personal and communal mental health and we nurture opportunities to elevate confidence about our body's natural resilience.


Choose the Membership That Fits You Best

Enjoy unlimited access to our self-paced content, circle chats, community engagement, and special events.

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Meet Our Mentors & Partners

We are a nonprofit collaboration of therapists, organizers, and activists who trust mental health support for and by the BIPOC community matters. 


Meisha Thrasher


Building skills that heal toxic habits, shift mindsets, and improve patterns of showing up is mental health care at the community level!

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Tracey Stafford


LGBTQIA2S Youth deserve care that is empowering and we bring social and emotional awareness into practice on purpose!

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Reneta King


Type 2 Diabetes deserves focused care because individualized solutions create sustainable change BIPOC Community deserves!

Get Started Today!

Join a BIPOC Healing Circle

Experience an afinity pod orientation to feel how it works in your body...

Access Content

We have recordings from workgroups that will change your mind about group participation and we offer FREE access to this library for new members...

Support is Deserved and Nessesary 

Processing the layers of individual trauma from COVID-19 alone warrants mental health support. Police brutality and systemic racism, toxic news media, and divisive political rhetoric are compounding these layers. We trust that navigating uncertainty, isolation, financial injury, grief, historical dehumanization, and violence has BIPOC Community in a very real emotional crisis. 

This collaboration endeavors to bring real support to those who deeply deserve it. 

How Somatic Awareness Changes Our Lives

Improves Attention & Concentration

Focus is a muscle that requires the right skills, accurate atunement, and consistent practice to get it strong and reliable 

Decreases Anxiety & Depression

Mood is higly tethered to mindset and circumstances, and you can change both when you understand how

Helps You Sleep Better

Sleep is a state of being critical to thriving, and moving into this state is a skill that you can learn and master 

Produces Wellbeing

Every body has internal wisdom that unlocks confident resilience, somatic understanding is the key to that lock

"The thing about mental health and somatic practice that BIPOC Community deserves to know: You can become the best version of YOU on purpose!"

Meisha Thrasher

Activist, Mentor, Neurological Therapist

Get Connected!
Stay Encouraged!  

When you join BIPOC HEALING CIRCLE you join a community of active minds, open hearts, and intentional healers. 

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