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The CIRCLE Approach

The individual is always situated within a community, tribe, or family and that will always produce a cultural impact. We endeavor to impact mental health by creating a community of care providers and practice partnerships so that individuals have a mental wellness-focused community to be impacted by. 


In this community, we will disrupt the narrative that there is a correct way to be a human. We will expand the wisdom that there have always been multiple narratives for being a capable human. 


In this community, we validate the human need for care and destigmatize utilization of care by showing up as cultural flexibility care providers, intentional about improving experiences of care within our community. 


In this community, we create engagements and opportunities to experience connection, validation, and inspiration. These elements nourish mental health, self-love, and optimism. These elements create belonging. Participation in this community will support our desire to engage with other hearts so that we truly feel our value.

Integrating Awareness into Our Lives

There is a way to practice awareness. Mindfulness is a school of thought, a real way to practice moving with our bodies into alignment with the world around us. 

We host spaces to practice mindful reflection. We host opportunities to self-reflect at a pace that feels right to the individual. We guide understanding by curating content and discussions that fortify mindful practices.

Together or alone, from any device, from across the globe, we gather in support of our innate need to be supported. We invite BIPOC Community and anyone willing to honor BIPOC resilience to join us today! 

Yoga at Home
Fit Woman with Yoga Mat
"  ...wherever you are heading, you
cannot get there by yourself."

Richard Parsons

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